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I find it very interesting that you advocate having the private sector build on to Pharmacare but outright reject that idea for Medicare. I think you may be not telling the whole story of what you really believe in.

The private sector introduces competition in to what is a monopoly controlled by govt. Our health system is failing because we have had no completion or innovation I our system since 1962. Costs have spiraled out of control and Medicare is on the verge of collapse. We always talk of glowing terms about Canada's Medicare system but it's a different story when you end up on a wait list for 26 months with minimal pain management and economic issues because you may not be able to work. If there was penalties for lateness, the system would see a vast improvement. You may even die on a wait list. What kind of a system would let these things happen? I would argue that it only I'd allowed to occur because it is a monopoly that has no competition or innovation.

There is no funding for capital equipment 9r research and development in our Medicare system. If we didn't live next to the USA we would still be using technology circa 1960.

Let's work together and improve Medicare before we create another disaster called Pharmacare. I am saying this knowing that my diabetes prescriptions will be covered in the future but we can do better than what is proposed. CRA is making us report the existence of private plans so they truly are trying to monopolize Pharmacare.

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