Just a few points about your proposal. Simply stated, there is no such animal as 'fact based reporting', as facts don't exist outside an historical context, and that context is itself a battle ground of ideological contestation.

An example to ampllify this. 'The war in Ukraine began on 24 February, 2022'. Did it? Or did it begin in 2 May 2014 when the Right Sector neonazis burned 46 people alive in the trade union house in Odessa, thereby percipitating the organization of the Donbas militias which defeated the disinitgrating Ukrainian army in the Luhansk region. A defeat which lead to the intervention of the German and French political leaders agreeing to the Minsk Accords.

Or did it begin with the Maidan coup where the USA deputy undersecretary of state Victoria Nuland picked who was to become the next leader of Ukraine? Or did it begin in 2008 when George Bush stated that Ukraine would become a member of NATO, despite the objections of France, Germany and most importantly Russia, who warned Washington that this was a red line that could not be crossed. Or was it in 1991 when NATO invited Ukraine to join the North Atlantic Cooperation Council, and Russia put forward the idea of it too becoming part of an overall European Security architectture?

One could reasonably argue that each of the events mentioned above was the fact which was that one thing which started the war in Ukraine.

Similarily, the notion of impartiality in reporting is just as illusional. What storiers to cover, how they are chosen, who chooses them, indeed what constitutes 'news' is itself open to interpretation and is conditioned and structured by one's vierwpoint on the world.

So far from trying to resurrect a dead parrot, the idea of an impartial public broadcaster, isn't it much more important to champion the freedom of the electronic media and to organize against its censorship, like the USA trying to outlaw TikTok, or Canada's ban against RT and Sputnik, or Ukraine's move to outlaw Telegram, or the repression against real journalists like Julien Assange or Eric Snowden, and the mass murder by the Israelis of journalists in Gaza?

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In health, I am grateful to those who tell the truth & tell it well.

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You share well articulated but inconvenient truths that are critical to a richer understanding of this war. Ukrainians are the proxies…US imperialist politicians openly tout this as a great investment to ‘weaken Russia’ Tell that to the close to 600,000 KIA Ukrainians and their families.

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Glenys Eberle

Hi, to me without fundamental integrity all your other values are meaningless!

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Hey Ryan.

Lots to read and ponder here.

With all the misinformation and disinformation abounding everywhere now, you have sent a little bit of fresh air our way again.

What really stood out for me was this tidbit:

"We need people committed to the craft of telling the truth and telling it well."

Two of my favorite people for advancing solid truth-telling well are yourself and Tammy Robert, both found here on Substack.

Thank you both for that.

Hang in there.

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